God Bless All Connecticut & American patriots

Hello, I'm Joe Visconti, and like you I love Connecticut and believe with good leadership, which is not beholden to those that would continue to saddle Connecticut's businesses and residents with unfair government demands, we can return to the time when prosperity wasn't just a word but a condition which came about through the working hands of the everyday Connecticut resident. 

As a former Republican Candidate for United States Congress, a former West Hartford Town Councilor and a political activist, I understand what's wrong with Connecticut: Governor Dannel Malloy and his one party rule, which has held our state's economy captive, while strangling it with over taxation, over spending and insane economy killing regulations.

As businesses shutter their doors and residents leave for other states at an alarming rate, because of Governor Malloy's failed economic policies, it is clear we need new leadership and direction. Please work with me, as I work for you, because a campaign is the ground , on which a candidate, great ideas and the public can first meet. Please help me save Connecticut starting today.

Joe Visconti

​V i s c o n t i  f o r  G o v e r n o r

Joe Visconti 

Republican Candidate for Governor of Connecticut

Pro 2A Pistol Permit Holder for 30 years