Public Sector Workforce

“Not one more job or home lost in Connecticut” is Joe’s goal for all, including public sector union workers. Public union workers and officials, in meetings both private and public, have told Joe they have many ideas that can help increase efficiencies in government but that Governor will not listen and that there is a current culture of a “mind your own business” mentality throughout his administration. Union members have also told Joe that they fear losing their healthcare and pensions and are willing to help out by paying more into those programs. “We are not the enemy”, stated one union steward to Joe recently, “We love Connecticut and want to work with a governor who will listen to workers’ ideas to provide needed services to the general public with higher productivity than the Malloy administration will allow.”

As governor, Joe intends to:

  • Institute a hiring freeze and allow the state workforce to reduce naturally through attrition and increased efficiency, not layoffs.
  • Work closely with the public unions to increase efficiencies throughout the government through a modernization of union work rules.
  • Negotiate with public unions to protect their pensions and healthcare benefits while sharing some of the increasing costs.