From the Berkshires to the Sound, Connecticut has it all. Whether your pleasure is skiing or horseback riding, walking a beach or hiking a mountain, Connecticut can take you there.

As Connecticut Yankees we sometimes forget that American history is found on every street corner in our lovely state. Just pull into any small town and ask around at a barbershop or hardware store and folks are happy to share a bit of history passed down from their families about revolutionary war events, the industrial revolution, local inventors or scientific discoveries.

Home to the Fundamental Orders, which are kept at our State Library, the Constitution really is rooted in the land of steady habits. Whether Nathan Hale is your hero or Noah Webster your lexicon of choice; or if Harriet Beecher Stowe or Mark Twain has been your inspiration, Connecticut truly holds an abundance of history and culture that has changed the world.

As governor, Joe plans to promote Connecticut’s historic and cultural treasures for more tourists to experience and enjoy by implementing a tax reform which will make Connecticut a duty free state by phasing out the sales tax on goods.

Until 1959 Connecticut was called the Provisions State because we supplied provisions to the country and the world. Today we can use our geography as an asset and become not only a place where tourists can discover Connecticut treasures but where tourists can also afford to spend a little more of their travel budgets to purchase our handmade or manufactured goods to bring home with them.