Healthcare Reform

Our state is losing doctors through retirement or relocation to more welcoming states. Our schools are not turning out enough new doctors to stem this net loss of medical professionals. Consequently, waiting lists to see doctors are growing and will continue to. The aging population is also increasing the demands on our healthcare system. Lower level clinicians will be used to provide patient care that has historically been provided by trained physicians.

As governor, Joe will:

  • Promote a "Train Them & Retain Them" program for new doctors in all of our medical colleges to address both the shortage of doctors and the aging population of both doctors and patients in Connecticut. The program will focus on loan forgiveness and matching 401k grants upon entering residency in order to recruit doctors into the profession in our very expensive state.
  • Work to control skyrocketing malpractice insurance costs that have caused some doctors to retire from practice.
  • Lead and encourage the legislature to implement common sense tort reform.
  • Please remember, access to healthcare is not healthcare if you don’t get to see a doctor in time. If there are no doctors to care for you, you are not cared for.