Attracting New Jobs

Nationwide, small business owners create 64 percent of net new private-sector jobs. Right now, many small business owners in Connecticut complain that state policies create burdensome red tape through over-regulation and hurt business viability through over-taxation. Skyrocketing utility costs are squeezing small businesses, eroding their ability to pay their workers higher wages. Malloy’s First Five program has provided corporate welfare to Fortune 100 corporations at the expense of small businesses. This practice of crony capitalism has provided tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to billion dollar corporations.

To solve these problems, Joe proposes to:

  • Create a small business owner task force to review regulations that have hindered business growth and provide recommendations to the legislature. Such a task force would not be a group of political appointees or even appointees of business trade groups. Instead, the members would be randomly selected from a confidential group of volunteer small business owners, free from political influence.
  • Allow small businesses to purchase their utilities as a collective group.
  • Simply end corporate welfare. There is no reason for taxpayers to gamble on possible future returns of a large company.