Common Core

Dan Malloy has brought Common Core testing and curriculum to Connecticut and it is not wanted by teachers, parents, and students alike. Criticized as a standard to prepare students to be “workers, rather than thinkers,” Common Core promises to be a costly social experiment to federalize education at the expense of your children’s education and future. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, we urge you to read this unbiased exposé in the Washington Post. Developed principally by the testing industry, the program was created with almost no input from educators and absolutely no public participation or transparency and its’ implementation is now being rushed through without any meaningful opportunity for public review. The result is a system that further disadvantages the economically disadvantaged and limits the flexibility of teachers to appropriately educate their individual students.

As governor, Joe will:

  • Intervene in the Common Core issue and provide parents with the clear option of opting out of government testing.
  • Protect the arts and literature in education. Our children need to have broad and diverse experiences to enrich their lives and to encourage free and creative thinking.
  • Bring back basic education where teachers can teach without state and federal bureaucrats looking over their shoulder scrutinizing their performance on every assignment or task they initiate.
  • Remove government interference in the teacher – parent – student relationship. Children must not be treated as a mechanism but as human beings.