College Graduates

For too many years Connecticut cities and towns have invested heavily on local education budgets only to see students then graduate and move out of state for more career opportunities and higher incomes. Our educated youth play a vital role in Connecticut’s future and we must provide them with opportunities and incentives to continue to make this state their home.

Connecticut can help young adults with Joe’s plan to provide a four-year state income tax break to any and all Connecticut residents who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree or higher from any accredited college or university in the United States if they will remain in Connecticut for 4 years after graduation.

A four-year income tax break for recent college graduates:

  • Makes it easier for them to make it on their own, despite being saddled with significant debt in the form of student loans. This was much easier for previous generations who had entered into the workforce in a growing economy.
  • Provides an incentive for students to complete at least a four year degree and not drop out.
  • Helps build a pool of educated entry level workers for businesses to hire. Right now, many employers complain that they cannot find people with the right set of skills when they do have openings available.