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Rebuilding Connecticut One Job at a Time

We have all lived through the hardships that have plagued our economy since 2007, but as most of America has traveled on the road to recovery, Connecticut’s economy has remained behind and broken. What brought us here can be debated, what will get us out cannot.

Governor Malloy has made just about every wrong move a leader can make.  As our unfunded liabilities mount, our credit rating is put at risk, our ability to borrow when needed is threatened and our quality of life is put in jeopardy. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Our neighbors in New York City and Boston are enjoying a robust economy.  Midway between them, Connecticut is poised for a comeback that only requires a governor who will work with business leaders, public unions, both political parties, and the state legislature to develop a blueprint for a multi-year plan to rebuild our economy on solid ground. 

In order to find justice in our courts, fairness in our taxation, parental rights in our education, a restored second amendment and the freeing of small business owners, Connecticut needs a leader who will not negotiate away our rights, hard earned money, and quality of life.

You and your family should be able to enjoy the economic relief you deserve in a robust and emerging economy.  With your support, as your governor, I will work tirelessly to rebuild Connecticut's economy and put us back on the road to prosperity one job at a time.


 - Joe Visconti